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Social Media Strategy

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Today, being present on social media is essential for every single brand and there seems to be a lot to think about when trying to come up with a perfect way of representing a brand on different social media channels. From setting up goals to coming up with a creative concept and monitoring the work — there are many different aspects one needs to be careful about. We’re strong believers that you can’t have a social media strategy without having a creative concept first. One might think that coming up with posts that represent a brand might be easy, but after months and months of creating content for social media, we wouldn’t know what to do without a creative concept to keep us on the right track and to keep it interesting.



Purple Apex Media House is a design and digital marketing agency in Zimbabwe. We specialise in creating content for the internet that helps businesses gain more customers, hence more revenue. Our creative team makes this possible through a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Website Design and Development, Graphic Designing, Online Reputation Management and more.